And who are these two goddesses you may be asking yourself? (or maybe not, but that’s what we like to imagine).

Well, let us introduce ourselves… We are Rita Kara Robinson (from Wales) and Antoinette McWeeney (from Ireland).

Between us we have 2 husbands, 5 children and 29 years of experience of using homeopathy at home and in our clinics.

We are not gurus.

We don’t know it all.

We don’t live the perfect lifestyle.

We try to eat healthily and exercise but sometimes we don’t manage either.



Early 40’s

Wicked sense of humour.

Loves grazing all day long, lying on the sofa with her boys, roller skating, great food and Prosecco.

Winds her husband up by leaving half cups of tea all over the house, and has a phobia about wet dishcloths…(yes really).

Rita treats children with autism symptoms, Gardasil and other vaccine injuries.  She heals the children but a big part of her work is also with the mums.  She supports them and minds them and wraps them up in virtual hugs whenever she gets the chance.

You can keep up to date with her serious stuff on facebook or follow her shenanigans on Instagram where she regularly shows up in cuddly animal jumpers.



Early 40’s (ahem)

Sarcastic sense of humour

Loves endless cups of tea, cuddles with her babies, great food, drumming, singing and red wine.

Has a bad habit of singing responses to her children and is afraid of heights and dogs.

And here’s the exciting part.

Antoinette treats mostly women with hormonal issues.  She has a large private group on facebook where she regularly talks about vaginas in an attempt to get women to connect to their menstrual cycles, that’s her story anyway.

You can catch up with her here:


A mother’s revolution

We are completely fired up about super-charging YOUR mother’s instinct and helping you become the natural healer in your own family

We know we can’t treat every single thing ourselves.  Unfortunately sometimes, we do have to go to doctor’s or A&E but at least 85% of our family’s problems, we can resolve ourselves.

We live and breathe homeopathy.

It’s not just a medicine anymore; it’s a way of life.

We treat our own families and clients and we will teach it to anybody who will listen.

This stuff works and you’re about to witness that again and again.


Rita & Antoinette